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"Promoting Healthy Choices”

CTP, Inc. believes that primary prevention of social and behavioral problems is accomplished through the development and implementation of activities that aim at reducing the probability of disability or dysfunction through ongoing processes that provide opportunities for individuals, families, communities, and organizations to increase:

  • Knowledge or awareness of high risk behaviors and consequences,
  • Skills necessary to change those high risk behaviors, and
  • Accessibility of resources which assist people to effectively cope with typical life problems.


Intervention is critical in the treatment of individuals suffering from chemical dependency problems. If not identified and treated early, substance use disorder frequently results in serious family/relationship problems, health issues, unemployment, financial stress, and expensive interaction with the legal system. Early intervention is a valuable key in the recovery process and it brings hope to individuals and families in crisis.

Therapeutic Community (Offenders)

      STAR_TC (Sisterhood Teaching Alternatives for Recovery - Therapeutic Community)

STAR-TC is a 5-9 month addiction residential treatment program for women who choose to improve their lifestyle and overall health.

We welcome women from all walks of life, regardless of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, age, sexual preference, education and vocational skills.

The STAR-TC Experience: The program is a challenging treatment model with progressive phases to produce effective results.

STAR-TC Admission Application: Click here (PDF)


Outpatient Treatment - Intensive Outpatient Treatment - Adolescent Outpatient - Methadone

Family Center and Women's Residential Treatment IRT & TRT

Men's Residential Treatment IRT & TRT

CTP utilizes a multi-therapeutic environment within each of our clinical programs depending on individual needs. Each individual enrolled in treatment receives an intensive case management assessment followed by case management planning.

(Male & Female) STIRT Application for Admission: Click Here (PDF)

STIRT Male Program Application E-mail Link

STIRT Female Program Application E-mail Link

STIRT Referral Form Click Here (PDF)

(Male & Female) IRT & TRT Referral Form: Click Here (PDF)

STIRT Allowable Items List: Click Here (PDF)

STIRT Admission Items: Click Here (PDF)

TRT Admission Items: Click Here (PDF)


Integrated Services for Co-Occurring Disorders

Crossroads Turing Points Inc. provides integrated services for those clients who have co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health issues.

On-site assessment and evaluations by Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Certified Addictions Counselors.

On-site medication evaluations by a Psychiatrist.

Services are provided on client's level of need (Social detoxification, outpatient/intensive outpatient programs; short term, intensive and transitional residential programs)

Integrated Treatment Planning

Specialized Co-Occurring Groups

Provides services that are appropriate and cost effcient


The CIRCLE Program is an OBH licensed, co-ed 16-bed treatment program for adults with co-occurring disorders (substance use disorders and mental health disorders). We take a holistic approach to recovery and address all drugs of addiction concurrently. We've found that there is evidence that long term tobacco use is the number one cause of preventible morbidity and mortality, with continued tobacco use it may contribute to relapse to the individuals drug of choice after treatment; therefore, CIRCLE is a tobacco free zone. It is not allowed with the clients in our program, at any point of treatment and will be encouraged to abstain after discharge.

For more information and entrance qualifications, see below for links: (PDF Format)

Sober Living

For prospective residents to be considered for admittance, all shall have an ample amount of sobriety time and possess the following:

A desire to remain sober

Ability to get along with others

Agree to abide by ALL house rules

A willingness to work their program

Ability to meet financial requirements

All prospective residents will schedule an interview with a Sober Living Recovery Specialist.

For more information, and to contact us, call (719) 545-1181 ext. 161